Six Email Productivity Hacks


There’s no doubt that email has revolutionized both our personal and working lives, but if not properly managed, it can easily become an addiction.

How many times a day do you click on your inbox?

In the working environment, it’s particularly important that emails don’t influence your ability to operate efficiently. It’s often difficult to complete tasks and projects when being constantly disrupted by the lure of the inbox.

Here are six email productivity hacks to help you manage your working day more effectively.

Keep your desk clear
There’s nothing more unproductive than a messy desk—it’s so distracting and makes it difficult for you to focus on the task at hand—the reason being that the part of your brain responsible for filtering non-essential things has to filter everything on your desk and ultimately drains your focus. Clear everything off your desk except for your laptop.

Set yourself a time limit
Not many of us can resist the temptation to check our emails as soon as we get into the office, but try to limit the amount of time spent on this task to half an hour. 
You can use the timer on your phone as a reminder.

Use the two-minute rule
Adopt the two-minute rule. If you can respond to an email in two minutes then do so and get it out of the way.

Define your subject heading
Make sure the email subject is clearly defined in the heading. This will save the recipient time with their own email management process.

Keep it simple
Try to avoid extended conversations over emails with work colleagues about a task or project. It can be very frustrating wading through a long paper trail, especially for those copied in for information only—it may be more time effective to organize a meeting instead.

Pick up the phone
If a matter is urgent and you need an instant answer, just pick up the phone. Remember for all its benefits, email is not the only form of communication!



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