The Three Biggest Mistakes in Business Writing


When preparing company emails, letters, memorandums, or minutes, you’re writing for business. Often people think that business writing has to be pompous and complex — that’s simply not the case. Let’s look at three business writing mistakes.

Using big words
You may feel you have to pontificate and use lengthy prose to communicate your point, but this is totally unnecessary. It will just confuse your reader, which is the opposite of what business communication is all about. Avoid using any words or expressions that you would probably hear pompously uttered in a boardroom.

Keep it simple — ask yourself: ‘Can I get to the point by using a less complex word?’ If the answer is yes, then do so.

Making it lengthy
Get to your point quickly. If you’re sending an email, imagine it’s you receiving it. Then imagine that you’re also receiving 100 other emails. If you don’t get straight to the point, you’re going to lose the recipient’s attention.

Giving too many options
If you need to set a meeting time, give one option. If you need to pick a meeting place, decide for yourself and then give them one option. In business, you generally want quick decisions, and giving too many choices will make people pontificate. Present one option, and give them the opportunity to choose an alternative if they wish.


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